Travis – Love Will Come Through

Here’s my favorite track from my favorite Scottish band.. no guys, it’s not The Proclaimers, and it’s not Rod Stewart & co. It’s also not Wet Wet Wet or the Bay City Rollers.

The band is Travis. A few weeks ago the lead singer, Fran Healy, who is currently on his solo tour, opened for Brandon Flowers (of Killers fame) at the Commodore Ballroom where I work. Mr. Healy was such a charismatic charmer, although I did hear a few “wooah, this guy is a dick” comments coming from the crowd. I don’t think Canadians will ever get Scottish humour.

I digress. Fran Healy was such a delight and as he said, “Since none of you know who the fuck I am, I’ll sing some of my old songs and hope you recognize something.” He didn’t play this song, my fav, but I’ll forgive him. He’s too cute to hold a grudge against.

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