Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel

This LA-based indie/pop/dance/African band sure does know how to create some toe-tapping melodies. The group started when vocalist/bassist Luke Top and lead guitarist Lewis Pesacov had a desire to create music combining rad 80s dance music vibe with their love for African beats. Their debut self-titled album was released in 2009 and has received a lot of hype. Tell me why I haven’t heard of them until a few weeks ago? Have I been living under a rock?

Previously associated (in my mind at least?) to the Stone Roses legendary single from 1989, the existence of band and their amazing tunes mean the term ‘Fool’s Gold’ now brings me a more contemporary sense of wonder and happiness. One can only hope that they come to the great white north sometime soon and play a show for us!

Yay, new favorite band!

Ps: Do yourself a favour and have a look at this too. You can thank me later!

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