Cults – Go Outside

Since I know nothing of this band, I thought I’d Google them. I found next to nothing, apart from one Pitchfork review, which states: “There’s more information on the wrapper of a candy bar than there is on the Internet about Cults.” True story. With a name like Cults, it’s impossible to find any relevant information when using a search engine and they have no myspace to speak of. Perhaps they’re incognito on purpose? All we know is they are a duo from New York, a guy and a girl. I saw them in September and they are the definition of hipster. Pretty adorable though. I heard they’re both film students.

Anyways, so far this is the only song I like on the 7″ out this month, but perhaps the others will grow on me after a few more listens….. Actually, I have listened to “Most Wanted” like 10 times since seeing them in September and I still find it irritating. It probably won’t grow on me – I was just trying to be nice.

I do love how the xylophone is a prominent instrument in ‘Go Outside’ though (I think?). You can’t go wrong with a xylophone.

Cults – Go Outside

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2 Responses to Cults – Go Outside

  1. You’re good at picking songs that don’t sound that awesome first but then once you listen to them a few times you like them more and more and then before you know it it’s your favorite song of all time.


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