The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

The Smiths are one of my favorite bands ever. Formed in Manchester in 1982, frontman Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr were a dynamic songwriting duo that created some of the most influential music of the 80s. The band hit it big in the UK and North America, and although they never had a single that ranked higher than 10 on the charts in their home country, they developed a great cult and commercial following that remains to this day. Their torturous ballads accurately represent this dark decade, described as “rather representative of life in the Thatcherian England.” They split in 1987 after releasing three albums.

This song’s sound is a bit more upbeat than their regular heart-wrenching ballads.. However the lyrics are still a bit of a downer.
“And if I double decker bus crashes into us /
to die by your side /
is such a heavenly way to die..”

MAN, what a SONG! I f’ing love the Smiths.

Warning: do not listen post-breakup.

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