My Morning Jacket – Librarian

I’ve never gotten into this band very much but after giving this song a few listens, I’m wondering why the heck not?

My Morning Jacket has been making waves in the music scene since their formation in 1998. Their first three albums were great but it wasn’t until their fourth, Z, that they really hit it big. For this one, they brought in a producer for the first time and did all the recording in a small studio tucked high in the mountains. The changes had positive effects: the album was a huge success, receiving rave reviews and eventually earning them the Billboard Album of the Year award. They’ve been pleasing our ears with chart-topping tracks ever since, including this song is from their 2008 album Evil Urges. I uuuuurge you to give it a listen. If you like this song, I guarantee you’ll enjoy the rest of the album.

This is a live version from Amsterdam, recorded in 2008. Check out the album version here.

Also: I have yet to see for myself but apparently their live show is fantastic. It seems everyone and their dog saw My Morning Jacket at Sasquatch this year, and many of my pals declared it to be the highlight of the weekend!

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