Caribou – Odessa

This song is the first single from Caribou’s most recent album Swim. The artist, known previously as Manitoba until a nasty legal case robbed him of it’s use, has been involved in the music industry for a decade and has dabbled in many different genres, including folktronica, shoegaze, and 1960s sunshine pop, all with a twist of soft electro house beats.

I love how the slow, soft beats, the snatches of bass, flute and guitar, and the precise yet melancholic vocals make for a nice groove. It’s an easy listen and unless you pay close attention to the lyrics, you’d never know it is about breaking up. I’m going to ignore the words and bop my head along as though it’s about puppies and rainbows and being cool.

Guess what! This London, Ontario man is also a mathematician. His PhD thesis was called Overconvergent Siegel Modular Symbols. Woah.

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2 Responses to Caribou – Odessa

  1. i love it. but why stop with just music jenny? i want to know what you think about movies too. i don’t mean i just want you to review the newest movies for me i have the internet to do that for me. i want to know what movies you love and why. i want to hear you opinion on everything.
    -waiting patiently, Smisko

  2. jenny says:

    My instinct is that you are mocking me? Fair enough, Smisko. I hope this isn’t the case.

    For humour’s sake… my favorite movie of all time is Empire Records. Love, sex, teen angst and good music.. what else could one want in a film?

    Your turn.

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