Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill

This group just confirms that all the best music is coming out of Brooklyn these days.

Sleigh bells, who released their debut last May, was formed when Derek E. Miller was waiting tables at a Brazilian restaurant in New York and admitted to a customer that he was looking for a female vocalist… that customer was Alexis Krauss, who was looking to branch beyond her teen pop group Rubyblue, and a Sleigh Bells was born! It was actually Krauss’ mother who volunteered her for the job. Well done, mom!

However, I am completely obsessed Adele remix I posted a few days ago. At this point, other songs are just filler. This obsession reminds me of my 2005 obsession with this song while I was in my second year of university. My roomates were furious and fed up (the res walls are thin)… but it took about half a year to get old. It’s not a great song, admittedly, as my tastes were not as.. ahem… mature as they are now, but it sure was fantastic at the time.

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