The Plastics Revolution – Light Of Day

This video just made my day. Not only did I discover a new Mexican band to love (which is rare!), but this video, filmed for the Black XS Live Sound Take Away Show series from Blogotheque, was filmed at one of my favorite places in the world… Xochimilco, Mexico City.

First, the band! The Plastics Revolution are an indie band from Mexico City who are pumping out catchy, upbeat, powerpop tracks in both Spanish and English – great potential to reach both markets! They’re pretty off the radar right now but I see a bright future ahead of them.

In this vid, they’re performing with a Mariachi band in Xochimilco, which is a series of canals in Mexico City where you can rent a trajinera, a Xochimilco boat, and be pushed up and down the canals gondola-style. When I first moved to Mexico City I did this a few times with my new friends from university and it was a great way to bond, drinking up and down the canals until after the sun went down. There are Mariachis (like the ones in this video!) who float up and down the canals looking for customers (and it ain’t cheap!), as well as people in smaller boats selling bbq’d corn on the cob and other delicious Mexico delicacies. Bonus: Xochimilco is open 24 hours a day! One time we went well after midnight and stayed until the sun came up. Some of my favorite D.F. memories took place in Xochimilco and it made my day to see it in on the Take Away Show!

Ok that’s enough nostalgia for one day. Enjoy the song!

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