The Fling – Wanderingfoot

Said to have an incredibly riveting live show, this This Long Beach, California based band is Dustin and Graham Lovelis, Justin Ivey and Justin Roeland, a bunch of plaid-clad SoCal babes who have been making tunes together since 2008. After releasing an EP that year and a 7″ in 2009, The Fling finally released their debut full length When Madhouses Appear last year. After streaming the entire album on their Bandcamp page, I can confidently say that it’s good from start to finish, rich in vocal harmonies and great instrumentals that are easy to get lost in. The Fling seem to be influenced by many different genres and remind me a lot of Canada’s own Sam Roberts Band (although I think The Fling are better, sorry Spence!). The folky Beatle-like song “No Sleep” is one of my personal favorites off the album.

Why aren’t they ridiculously famous by now!? This group has so much going for them and I’m really surprised they don’t have more hits on youtube or fans on Facebook, given their solid album and this commercially brilliant single. They do seem to be having lots of live shows… free ones, actually. This is perhaps one of the only times I wish I were American because if I were, I’d live in SoCal so I could go to rad free shows all the time. Be sure to check out this cool vid as well as their blog.. You, too, can enjoy it by clicking HERE!

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