Aidan Knight with Dan Mangan – Jasper

Here’s a lovely version of Aidan Knight’s nice little folk ditty “Jasper,” sung somewhere in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia with Dan Mangan, a musician we are proud to say is from Vancouver. Mangan, by far the more commercially successful of the two, released his album Nice, Nice, Very Nice in 2009 and has been touring since, including a stop at the famous Glastonbury Festival in the UK this past summer. He’s a super talented guy and his songs tell incredible stories. We also went to university together and have lots of mutual friends but I STILL haven’t met him. One of these days…

Here he’s helping out his pal Aidan Knight, an up and coming fellow singer/songwriter from Victoria. I had the pleasure of seeing Knight perform a few songs last summer at the Tall Tree Festival in Port Renfrew and I must say I was mighty impressed. He is incredibly talented, placing fifth in the Peak Performance Project a few months back (He was robbed off a top 3 position if you ask me). His album Versicolour took over 2 years of recording before it could be released but it was worth the wait. He writes beautifully understated indie folk that is sure to make you smile while simultaneously breaking your heart.

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