Best Coast – Boyfriend (Ghostwaves Edit)

Here’s a cool remix by Ghostwaves of Best Coast’s summer jam “Boyfriend”, released last July on their debut album Crazy For You. This song is personally my favorite off the disk.. perhaps because I can relate to the lyrics so well? Sad. Anyways the album has received critical acclaim, entering the Top 40 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and peaking at Number 36. Known for their fuzzy, low-fidelity shoe-gazer type of indie pop, Best Coast are worshiped by hipsters across North America… although their fans probably won’t admit to liking them as much as they do, because hipsters never admit to really be into stuff. “Best Coast? Oh, yeah, they’re ok, I guess. I don’t really care.”

The mixmaster is Tom Weir, aka Ghostwaves, a dj from Connecticut who has dancey remixes of artists such as Body Language, White Hinterland, Memoryhouse, & Sleigh Bells floating around the internet. His EP is coming out soon! Enjoy, hipsters.

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