Wolfman feat. Pete Doherty – For Lovers

Best known for his rampant drug addiction, legal trouble, and relationship with Kate Moss, Pete Doherty is a bit of a legendary fuckup. Before his drug problems singlehandedly destroyed the band, he was co-frontman of The Libertines with Carl Barat, one of the best British indie bands of the 2000’s, in my opinion. (Side note: is that what it’s called? The 2000’s?) He then went on to start his own band Babyshambles, which was relatively successful commercially but Pete kept screwing it up by going on benders and getting arrested. Pete and Carl decided to put the past behind them and reunite the Libertines in 2010 but we have yet to see any good music come from this reunion. Doherty was arrested for cocaine possession (again) last month but his conviction is unknown as of yet. It doesn’t seem as though much has changed.

This song was written in 2004 with poet and friend Peter Wolfe, aka The Wolfman, prior to the disbanding of The Libertines. The track did well commercially and was even nominated for the prestigious Ivor Novello songwriting award. However, they didn’t make a dime off of it because the sold the rights to someone in a pub before it was released. Well done, boys. I bet Doherty sold it in exchange for a hit off the ol’ crack pipe.

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