Iron & Wine – Resurrection Fern

Iron & Wine, stage name for singer/songwriter Sam Beam, has become one of the music industry’s greatest story tellers over the course of his ten year career, crafting thoughtful tales full of forlorn love, religious imagery and dreamy memories.

His music has dabbled in folk, country, African, rock, Jamaican drumming, 60s and 70s inspired pop influences. While I am normally wholeheartedly opposed to country music, that’s actually what I like about this song, the country-vibe. The sound of the pedal steel guitar usually makes me run for the hills but in this case, it is what drew me to this track.

The beauty of his music is that it’s hard sometimes to figure out if it is happy or sad. However when I watched his acoustic set at the Vancouver Folk Fest a few years ago, sitting beside my best friend as the sun set on Jericho beach behind us, there wasn’t even the slightest hint of sadness in the air. So take from it what you will – however you’re feeling, Iron & Wine will make you feel it harder!

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