Alexandra Stréliski – Prelude

Now this is a big step away from the norm for me… instrumental. Gasp. Yes, I know. However, this artist is exceptional. Montreal native Alexandra Stréliski has created some of the most moving piano instrumentals I’ve ever heard. To me, it seems as though the album is pulling the listener through a rollercoaster of emotions, from longing and dark despair to childlike optimism and happiness. Her work should be in movies. Really good movies. Next time you need dinner music or some soothing tunes while you study or you just want to sit back and enjoy something truly beautiful… Check out Alexandra’s Bandcamp page, where you can stream the whole album. I couldn’t find out much about her online (most of it’s in French), but there is something very special about her. When it’s over, you’ll just want to start it again. I have… four times.

Thank you, Alexandra, for getting me through work today!

Also: This beautiful video was made by motion designer Piere Luc Racin, whose work you can find on his website. Upon further investigation, it seems he is also responsible for some of the beautiful Blogotheque videos from Montreal! Beautiful work.

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