Ghostpoet – Cash and Carry Me Home

Obaro Ejimiwe, aka Ghostpoet, is a story-teller from South London who honed his lyrical style as a young pup in his bedroom, heavily influenced by London’s private urban radio stations in the 90s. This is the video for his new single which tells a dark tale of pain and addiction. Not all the stories he tells are his own: he builds his songs through his own experiences and stories he’s been told. In an interview for Beatnik, he says, “Exactly, it’s like a puzzle to me, making it all fit in my head. It could be something I heard or saw three, four years ago but it’s something that comes to me when I’ve laid down the spine of a tune.” Hear more of his stories on his debut album Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam, set to be released on February 15th.

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