Peter, Bjorn and John – Second Chance

PB&J, as they’re unofficially known, are a group of young Swedes who made it big way back in 2006 with the insanely popular ‘Young Folks’, a song I whistle in my head on a semi-regular basis. Neither of their subsequent albums received much success commercially and perhaps this is because their musical style is actually a lot stranger than the track that first put them on the map. Maybe it’s the dub step, maybe it’s the jamaican influence, or maybe people are put off by the long improvisational jams during their live shows, when they let the sound guy go wild with effects. Either way, their weirdness seems to have subsided with this track, the first single off their 2011 release Gimme Some. I, personally, dug some of their weirder tracks but perhaps some more straightforward pop will throw them back into the limelight.

With an album name like Gimme Some and a single entitled ‘Second Chance’… PB&J are practically begging you give their new stuff a listen. Maybe 2011 will blow 2006 out of the water! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, boys.

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