The New Division – Starfield

With a name like this band’s, it makes you wonder: Are they trying to be something new and exciting or are they trying to be the next New Order or Joy Divison? If so, they have some enormous shoes to fill. While they’re not blatantly ripping off anything other than the names, it is quite obvious The New Division are very heavily influenced by those two bands. After giving the full EP a listen, I did enjoy it but have concluded that they’re trying too hard to be retro and not hard enough to create something nique. If I want to listen to 80s electropop, I’ll reach for my Power, Corruption and Lies album, thanks very much.

However, I do appreciate what this Southern California group is trying to do, which is why I’m posting this track. After all, Joy Division and New Order are two of my favorite bands. Something about the drum and synth intro to “Starfield” is immediately intriguing, in a nostalgic new-wave-throwback kind of way. Plus, the album made me bop around a fair bit, which is a good sign! Be sure to give their entire EP The Rookie a listen here. Plus, if you dig it, it only costs a fiver! Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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