City and Colour – Boiled Frogs

What the perfect thing to do when you’re feeling bummed out? Why, listen to sad music, of course! City and Colour is my go-to guy for that fix, along with the Red House Painters.The very talented Dallas Green, recording and performing under the moniker City and Colour, is an Ontario-born singer songwriter also known for his work as the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. He started a solo career with his first studio album release in 2005 and has put a few more studio albums and EPs under his belt since then.

Here is Green’s very soft, mellow acoustic version of Alexisonfire’s fourth single “Boiled Frogs” written by band member George Pettit and originally released in 2006. I’m a big fan of Green’s solo stuff and it was nice to discover this song, which I hadn’t heard before. His fourth studio album, Little Hell, is set to be released sometime this year. Wahoo!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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