Villagers – Becoming a Jackal

Villagers Becoming A Jackal

Here’s a wonderful live acoustic version of Villagers’ hit “Becoming a Jackal,” released on the debut full-length with the same name early last year. The album, a solo endeavor from Irish singer/songwriter Conor O’Brien, made quite a splash over in the UK and Ireland and was even shortlisted for the 2010 Mercury Prize. O’Brien is a very talented songwriter and has made an impressive debut after the dissolving of his previous band The Immediate.

O’Brien has created a charmingly eerie album full of intimate vocals, delicate acoustics and just the right amount of heartbreak, while simultaneously refusing to fit the mold of your typical melancholic acoustic performer. His voice has been likened to Bright Eyes and because of his dark lyricism, many have even compared him to the late and great Elliot Smith, which is quite the compliment if you ask me.

This is a video of his acoustic performance at the Capitol Hill Block Party last year in Seattle. An enchanting debut from a great Irish talent.

Thanks for the tip Conor Kennedy!

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