Freelance Whales – Generator^2nd Floor

This five-piece indiepop group from Queens, New York is gaining attention for good reason. Created in 2008 through friends-of-friends and Craiglist, this group honed their performance skills by playing on New York subway platforms before releasing their debut album, Weathervanes. Each of the five members lends their vocals to the songs, making them rich in harmonies and creating a bit of a choir-feel. They use a multitude of instruments, including but not limited to the synthesizer, glockenspiel, harmonium, mandolin and accordion, which makes them quite unique. This song is very pure and organic, which will no doubt make them irresistible to those who enjoy the likes of Sufjan Steves, Postal Service, or the baroque-pop tunes of Beirut. It’s refreshing to hear traditional instruments again, instead of the overuse of electronics we’ve become accustomed to.

Here’s a cute live version of the song, performed last year for the people at SXSW. They were apparently one of the most buzzed about artists at the festival last year and did not disappoint. They’ll be in Vancouver next month opening for Foals alongside the Naked and Famous! Come one, come all!

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One Response to Freelance Whales – Generator^2nd Floor

  1. Spence says:

    First Song listened to while going down the hill with my IPOD!

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