Gobble Gobble – Lawn Knives

Here’s a strangely wonderful track track from last years album from Gobble Gobble, moniker for Edmonton-based artist Cecil Frena. Pitchfork described his genre as “hyper-pop,” a term that is accurate but falls somewhat short. It’s been a toughie, but I’d prefer to describe Gobble Gobble as follows: an awe-inspiring multiple-genre-dabbling artist that uses unconventional items (such as frying pans) and unique samples to make irresistible electropop dance tunes that you cannot help but lose your mind over. Whew.

Frena performs with a full band and they apparently put on an amazing live shown using costumes, obscure ‘noise-making instruments’ and outrageous dance moves to get the crowds going. Come back to Vancouver! I want to see it for myself!

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