Teen Daze – Let’s Fall Asleep Together

Here is the latest from Vancouver Dj Teen Daze, an artist who took the internet by storm when posted his first few homemade mixes on his Tumblr page. Pitchfork soon caught wind of his talents and began featuring his songs on their site, which equalled world-wide fame in the realms of indie and electropop. His debut record, For More Years, was released in July of last year and received rave reviews for it’s blending of washed out synths, lo-fi harmonies and hazy ‘reverb drenched’ vocals. Teen Daze focuses his talents to create really beachy chillwave tracks, making them immediate summer anthems. This song is one of four from an end of the year EP entitled Beach Dreams, released only weeks before his second album My Bedroom Floor was dropped on Dec 30, 2010.

He’s playing March 28 with Toro Y Moi and I can’t wait to finally see this mixmaster in person! It’s about freaking time.

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