Work Drugs – Curious Serg

Chillwave rears it’s beautiful face again with new Philadelphia based duo Work Drugs. Sound production elements are shared both both members of the band, although Benjamin Louisiana claims to be more responsible for the instrumentals, leaving vocals up to the Work Drugs’ other half, Thomas Crystal. They class their sound as ‘sedative-wave / smooth-fi’, which to me just an overcomplicated way to describe “beachwave”, a faction of my beloved “chillwave” genre description. It has a great beachy, head-bopping, fuzzy lo-fi vibe to it. This track is pretty rad and gets especially good near the end.

Bring on the summer! It’s right around the corner! Yeah!

Check out Work Drugs’ double debut Tropic of Cancer / Tropic of Capricorn available April 1 right here.

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