Braids – Lemonade

Tonight is going to be a great fucking time. There are three spicy hot acts playing at the Biltmore Cabaret this evening and I have a ticket. I am amped.

The show is headlined by experimental chillwave artist extraordinaire, Toro y Moi, who I introduced way back in Feb with this little ditty. It’s been a long time since I was just as excited for the openers as I was the headliner but with tonight’s lineup, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Opening for that talented South Carolinian man is Vancouver’s own Teen Daze who I introduced a few weeks ago, a very talented up and coming mixmaster/artist who creates beachy, lo-fi chillwave tunes that have received rave reviews throughout the blogosphere after getting picked up by Pitchfork and other well known online music resources.

Last and certainly not least is Braids, who have provided us with today’s song of the day! Braids are a Calgary, Alberta group now based out of Montreal who have just released their debut LP, Native Speaker. These longtime friends began nurturing their avant-pop sound in their early teens, which couldn’t have been that long ago considered they’ve only recently graduated from high school and are, in fact, STILL teenagers. Its almost alarming how mature their music sounds for a quartet still in their formative years. I haven’t heard much of their stuff apart from their few singles so I’m really looking forward to checking them out tonight! Until then, enjoy “Lemonade” and think of me and Spence with jealousy this evening when we’re at the show having a dance par-tay and you’re at home wishing you were at the show having a dance par-tay. Can you tell I’m pumped?

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