Marina and the Diamonds – I’m Not A Robot

Just had an epic weekend with my best girlfriends and it seemed the 5-disk CD player, which was set to random, had a preference for Marina and the Diamonds because this song was playing non-stop. This Welsh mega-babe first landed on the scene in 2010 after reaching reaching number two on the BBC Sound of 2010 poll list, coming second to the wonderful Ellie Goulding. Most people think that The Diamonds are her backup band but Marina doesn’t have one, explaining on her myspace page that that the term refers to her fans: “I’m Marina. You are the diamonds.”

Marina’s debut came out in February of that year and received rave reviews in the UK but her new stuff, set to be released this year or next, has a much more poppy sound that I’m not digging as much. I mean, she’s supporting Katy Perry on the road for Christ sake. Anyways, she’s rad, the song is good, and the video is phenomenal!

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