Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

I listened to Stars a lot when I was at university. Their second album, Heart, was released 2003 and basically defines my first year. When I listen to it now, their voices swirl around in my head and bring me right back there, which is exactly why I still love them.

Stars is a Canadian group now based in Montreal. All members of the group are also part of Canadian indie supergroup Broken Social Scene, along with Feist and members of Metric. Since 2001 they’ve released five EPs and five full length studio albums, along with a remix disk and a cover album. The eloquent indie pop created by Stars has been praised for its instrumentation, soft vocals and narrative lyrics since its conception. I love how vocalists Amy Millan (who has released 3 of her own solo albums) and Torquil Campbell play off each other, creating a really eloquent dynamic. This video was recorded by La Blogotheque for The Take Away Show.

Stars are playing at the Live at Squamish festival on August 11 and 12. Another mesmerizing live performance from Stars will be a great way to finish up the summer!

Stars | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

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