Los Rakas – Soy Raka

I know this isn’t the type of jam I would normally post on here but I CANNOT STOP listening to this song or watching the rad dancing in the vid.

Los Rakas are a Panama-born duo now based out of California who blend hip hop, Plena, Raggae and Dancehall music with both English and Spanish lyrics. DunDun and Rico AKA Filthy Rich take turns spitting lyrics that you can really let loose too. In this song, they’re rapping about being “raka,” which is a Panamanian word for ghetto. The group is rapping about their city and what it means to work hard and be smart and when you’ve grown up in a rough hood.

Give in to the jam and let those hips sway, my friends!

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3 Responses to Los Rakas – Soy Raka

  1. Catriona says:

    I too cannot stop watching it since you showed it to me…
    I love that they’re gang of peeps is in fact a group of children 🙂

  2. I soo Love them & there Music too!! A friend of mine played it, & it hasnt stopped. I just missed there performance in Santa Cruz, But was still Lucky enough to meet them.. and Thank you, I was curious & forgot to ask wat “Raka” meant.. lol… I figured it was the same as “Guanaco” for a Salvadorian.. 😉

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