Brasstronaut – Slow Knots

Here’s a great track from Brasstronaut, one of my favorite local bands. Last year saw the release of their debut album, Mount Chimaera, a collection of finely tuned tracks featuring piano, trumpet, and jazz percussion fused with the basic elements of indie rock and Edo Van Breemen’s haunting vocals. It’s different than most new indie music we’re seeing these days, as it’s not synth heavy, it’s well produced instead of lo-fi, and you can’t find 30 remixes of each song online. It’s a change from the norm, a change from MY norm, and it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s pure, straight forward indie rock with a twist. And who doesn’t love a good trumpet solo?

I saw Brasstronaut play at work during the Vancouver International Jazz Festival last year and honestly, they blew my mind. If you don’t already have plans for August 10-12, do yourself a favour and go to Squamish Live. They’re constantly adding new bands to the already great lineup and Brasstronaut will be there to dazzle you with their live show, along with Weezer, Metric, Stars, and a bunch of other great bands. See ya there! I’ll be up front.

PS: Check out their Myspace for more tracks!

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One Response to Brasstronaut – Slow Knots

  1. Keisuke Honda says:

    Talking about canadian bands please do not miss Destroyer & crystal castles……….

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