Tribes – We Were Children

This new London sensation sounds more like they hail from the capital of grunge over on our side of the pond than their hometown of Camden, England. Between the heavy guitars, lyrics telling of pain and anguish, and the lead singer’s floppy locks, it’s not surprising they’ve garnered quite a few comparisons to Seattle’s kings of grunge themselves. Tribes have made quite the splash since getting chosen by NME as one of their new favorite unsigned bands and have since secured a spot opening for legendary rockers The Pixies – I bet these young Camden boys can’t quite believe their luck. The group has a bit of a Libertines quality to it as well. After all, they met when the guitarist was caught trying to steal the drummer’s wallet – very comparable to a Pete Doherty/Carl Barat type of band dynamic.

With their heavy guitars, catchy chorus and a “general air of dishevelment,” I am instantly smitten. This song is rad and I really love the concept of the video as well, as it immediately brings to mind a similar scene from the cult favorite film Empire Records. This song probably would have been a great addition to that magnificent soundtrack, actually. Love, love, love!

Be sure to check out their Myspace and Facebook for more great tracks.

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