TV On The Radio – Will Do

TV On The Radio is a jazzy, post-punk electro art rock band with a little dash of soul thrown in. In other words, they are a unique group who produce tunes spanning various diverse genres. They formed in Brooklyn in 2001 and have since produced five EPs and five full length studio albums. This jam is from their most recent, Nine Types of Light, released April 11th. The band has been receiving great reviews since its release, marking a return to action for the group, who announced a year long hiatus in late 2009 in order to decompress after a long and hard tour promoting their fourth album, Science.

A sad shadow was cast over the release of the album due to the untimely death of the band’s longtime keyboardist and bassist Gerard Smith, who lost a hard battle against lung cancer just two weeks ago. Smith had been with the band since 2005 and had contributed to the last three studio albums. They’ve announced cancelled shows on their upcoming tour but fingers crossed they aren’t out for long. The death of a friend is devastating but perhaps they will deal creatively and produce more amazing tunes in Smith’s honour. One can only hope!

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