The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

Okay I know everyone has heard this song a million times but I started listening to it again over the weekend and can’t get it out of my head! To quote one Youtuber: “I still can’t make my mind up on The Drums – I quite like the music but they seem like cunts.” Precisely. This four piece from Brooklyn are signed to a UK label and have made it quite big over on that side of the pond but haven’t quite been able to break into North America yet, as far as I can tell.

This track, from their Summertime EP released in 2009, miraculously join the dots between “Sixties diner jukeboxes, dog-eared early Eighties new wave cassette comps, and late Eighties synth-punk coming-of-age movie soundtracks.” What is great about this group is that the best is yet to come and I have high hopes about their next release. Until then, we’ll keep enjoying their first feel good single, “Let’s Go Surfing”. It’s actually really making me want to go surfing.

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