Foster The People – Call It What You Want

Last night was my first time seeing LA-based indie pop group Foster The People. I’ve heard and read about how great they perform live but never expected their set-up and execution to be so all-encompassing. Mark Foster, lead vocalist and the group’s founder, did not so much as hit a flat note as he rattled from one falsetto chorus to another, which was most impressive. I loved how all five band members energetically bounced from one instrument to another, keeping our eyes as entertained as our ears – an impressive task that many groups don’t quite seem to achieve.

I was most impressed with newcomer Isom Innis, on the keyboards, drums, and backup vocals, who joined the band to tour with them in January. Innis was killing it – he brought an abundance of energy to the stage. I would be shocked and appalled if they don’t just straight up ask him to be a perma-member, if they haven’t already. If not with Foster The People, this guy is destined for spectacular things so get used to hearing his name around the indie circle. While the songs on the album can at times seem a bit repetitive, the crowd was loving it and none of our enthusiasm was lost on this group. They were smiling from ear to ear as the fans danced, screamed and sang along, and as a fan, that is always nice to see. I’m seeing them again in Toronto in a few weeks time and can’t wait for round two!

This pop-y dance track was one of my favorite songs from the night and if you think the recording’s alright, close your eyes and picture it live. Check out my other Foster The People reviews here and here!

PS: Thanks to the band for the free tickets!

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2 Responses to Foster The People – Call It What You Want

  1. Mark Phillips says:

    You are absolutely right on with this critique. The band has come alive more than ever since Isom Innis came on board. His energy and talent carries through the band and fills any venue. Guess that’s what we should expect from a graduate of Berklee Boston College of Music. I agree with you Foster is hot and Innis is only going up, up, up … to the top.

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