Silly Kissers – Precious Necklace

Here’s a great track off the 2010 Precious Necklace EP from new wave group Silly Kissers. This Montreal-based five-piece are huge in the Montreal indie scene and have received a lot of positive press over the past few years, including being named Montreal Band Of The Year from Spin Magazine and Album Of The Year for their Love Tsunami disc from Montreal-based Nightlife magazine named. They’ve also played gigs for everything from Vice magazine parties to the Toronto Film Festival.

The rough lo-fi recordings add charm to their synth-based dance pop and the layered synth and keyboard amp up the slightly off-key vocals of fronting duo David Carriere and Jane Penny. Since I am down with almost anything slightly off-key with a synth, I think they’re pretty rad.

Check out more wonderfully strange tunes on their Myspace page!

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