Tennis – Marathon

Last year, Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore bought a sailboat and quit their jobs. They sailed the East Coast and were inspired to create music together, something that is blatantly reflected in their song titles, as they went from “Bimini Bay” in the Bahamas to “Marathon,” Florida, “South Carolina” and eventually up to “Baltimore” on their sailboat, Cape Dory, which shares its name with the title of their debut album released in January. The couple returned to ‘real life’ and threw a few of their songs online. They were soon picked up by and other influential music blogs and quickly became one of the most buzzed about bands of 2011. Their 60s inspired, lo-fi recordings are highlighted by Moore’s sweet vocals, making catchy beach jams that are essential for your summer playlist.

Since Cape Dory was released, they’ve kept a pretty low profile. Until we get more great tracks from this talented duo, enjoy “Marathon” and the rest of the songs from their debut, found here. Also if you’re in love with them now and need to know more as soon as possible, check out their Myspace for more tracks and info.

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