Rubblebucket – Silly Fathers

Like I’ve said all along, all the best tunes are coming out of Brooklyn these days and that story’s no different when it comes to Rubblebucket. The group is hard to pin down sonically and have been described as anything from a jam-band to funk to indie rock, but it’s the fun trumpet, trombone, and saxophone usage that sets this eight-piece group apart from the rest of the crowd.

Their debut album Omega La La was released last month and was produced by Gorillaz and LCD Soundsystem vet Eric Broucek. It’s this jam’s sublime pop chorus, great guitar hooks and stellar vocals from frontwoman Kalmia Trave that project an enchanting feel-good vibe that many have described as “yes-wave”… and yes, after hearing this jam and the rest of the album, I couldn’t agree more.

Check out more on their website for free downloads, their Myspace for more rad tracks, and go here to buy the album!

Also check out the amazing RAC remix HERE! It’s so rad.

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