Cuckoo Chaos – Jesus Flag American Fish

This single by San Diego based 5-piece Cuckoo Chaos is, in a word, delightful. It appears on the group’s debut 7″ released July 7 on Lefse Records. The minute long intro sets the groove but it’s the sweet vocal harmonies of frontmen Scott Wheeler and Jackson Milgaten that will make you swoon. The group, loosely established in 2008 when when the two were roomates, only really officially got going in late 2010 and almost immediately received a slew of positive press for their unique style of tropical, polyrhythmic pop.

Their music has a very Fool’s Gold/Vampire Weekend vibe but with a new take on it – a sense of sublime grooviness that will lift your spirits and get you moving. Wheeler says of his songwriting inspiration for the 7″: “It’s all about one girl… it’s almost embarrassing, like an open journal.”

Despite the track’s dance-ability, “Jesus Flag American Fish” is a tender song about just that: the bittersweet sorrow of unrequited love, as well as the process of going through a rough patch and forcing yourself to break free of it. The groove is sweet and gentle but with an addictive quality comparable to that of crack-cocaine (I suspect).

Their debut full-lenth Woman is due out this month – check for it here!

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