Generationals – Ten-Twenty-Ten

When they make a hit, they make a hit. After hearing this pleasant pop track, it’s no surprise the tunes of this New Orleans indie-pop duo have been featured on both the small and big screen alike. This jam, from their sophomore release from a few months back Actor-Caster, showcases the band’s ability to create happy, uncomplicated, indie-pop that will make you tap your feet and bop your head. Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer have grown up a bit since their ’09 debut, as they’ve dropped the heavy 60s-inspired sound for a subtler, more simplistic approach on this record. The result is awesome, easy listening with gentler layers and friendly hooks.

Check out more or grab the album HERE.

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One Response to Generationals – Ten-Twenty-Ten

  1. James B says:

    I honestly love this song. This is the song that put Generationals on the map for me.

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