The Belle Game – Sleep To Grow

Here’s a great song from the Vancouver/Montreal indie group The Belle Game. If this jam is any indication of what we can expect from their upcoming full-length that is set to be released sometime this fall, I am pretty amped.

The band first fell onto my radar when they performed at the Commodore this past March and while I sadly missed their most recent performance at the free “Summer Live” concert series in Stanley Park last month, it seems most people didn’t because everyone’s talking about it, creating a well-deserved hype surrounding this great new local band.

I’m even more convinced of their talent and swooned by their charm after watching a number of delightful live performance vids online, such as this one and this one. Be sure to also check out the one I’ve posted below, a video recorded by the local Vancouver project Green Couch Sessions. Sit back, watch, listen and allow yourself to be charmed by their sublime vocal harmonies.

Oh yes, and buy some stuff here.

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