Born Gold – Alabaster Bodyworlds

Gobble Gobble Born Gold Body Songs Jenny's Song Of The Day
This lovely Alberta group felt it was time for a revamp so my beloved Gobble Gobble has been reborn as Born Gold. To quote the wacky frontman who is the mastermind behind it all: “We have been slowly coaxing this caterpillar into a butterfly with our fists. Check it out, girl- a new face to fit both our past to date and the futuresex we are slowly growing into. Stand before a mirror, hold your palm over your right eye, and repeat Born Gold six times.”

Yup. They’re releasing their debut full-length next month and “Alabaster Bodyworlds” is the first single off that disc, Body Songs. The track is jam-packed with the amount of fun and chaos we have come to expect from Frena and his curious and creative crew. Their wild synth-pop is weird and wonderful and I hope it lets you rip around in sheer happiness as we all enjoy these last days of summer.

Pre-order that shizz here!

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