Javelin – Soda Popinski

Javelin No Mas Jenny's Song Of The Day

Javelin are an amazing electropop duo that I just discovered. Have I been living under a rock, you music lovers might say? I guess so.

As it turns out, Javelin have been making sweet jams since 2005. The band is two dudes from Providence, NY who now reside in Brooklyn (surprise, surprise), Tom van Buskirk and George Langford. They are cousins! Aww. The more I listen to their music, the more I realize that the presence of 90s video game sounds in this song is not a one-off… it is a pretty frequent feature in their hyper dance jams. Apart from that and a few other vocal samplings, most of their music is painstakingly created with love and care, note by note, from the jukebox in “Javelin’s collective mind,” not with samples from records. Don’t even attempt to wrap your head around their signature sound because it is constantly changing and evolving. For example, two years ago they were performing with 20 boomboxes and a whole medley of bizarre instruments. Nowadays they pack light, aiming to simplify their live show without sacrificing the impact their sound has on the crowd. From what I’ve read about their jaw-dropping live performances, seems like their goal has been achieved. I could use a good dance party.. Hope they come to Vancouver soon.

Plus, they like to share the fun they’re having: go create your own jams right here! Be sure to check out more from Javelin on their Myspace page and be sure to listen to this song too, it’s a goodie.

Javelin – Soda Popinski

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