Louise Burns – Clean

Louise Burns Mellow Drama Jenny's Song Of The Day

I’ve been meaning to write about Louise Burns for almost two months now after seeing her perform at the Khatsalano street fest here in Vancouver. Her voice stunned me into place as I wondered from stage to stage and I was lucky enough to catch the last 5 or 6 songs from her set. Burns’ velvety vocals and sultry 60s vibe are enough to reel you in but it is her great songwriting talent that stands out the most. Burns knows her way around writing a catchy hook, something she has done on all twelve unique tracks from her debut LP Mellow Drama.

The album, released September 6th on Light Organ Records, is bursting at the seams with the charm of her retro-inspired folk-pop flair. Her upbeat, twangy first single received rave reviews and her second was recently picked up by Rolling Stone, a pretty impressive feat. “Clean” hasn’t yet been released as a single but nevertheless it is my favorite.

Be sure to stream it here and after you love it, go buy the album!

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