Young Magic – You With Air.

Jenny's Song Of The Day  Young Magic You With Air

Young Magic is the moniker for Isaac Emmanuel, a one man “psych-synthostrobic” act from Australia that has recently relocated to NYC after a nine-month world trip with a portable studio, which he used to record his recently released 7″ single disc You With Air./Sparkly. Both jams evoke a dark electro sound and highlight the different recordings he made throughout his trip, such as the African drums in his friend’s living room in England, looping synths from empty rooms in Iceland and echoing vocals off of an abandoned military base in Berlin. Young Magic’s profile on Carpark Records‘ website says it best: “These various locales are sampled and integrated into the fabric of Young Magic’s sound: the fluidity and songwriting of late 60’s psychedelic soul combined with modern-day beat making.” The looping and layering synth beats over sounds and vocals are unpredictable yet hypnotizing. I’m digging it. Some are categorizing this as the newly establish genre of ‘witch house’ but I shy away from using that term; Young Magic is simply riding the coattails of chillwave and creating his own path as he does so.

This 7″ is merely an appetizer for what is yet to come: a full-length LP, release date unannounced! He is very new in the biz as a solo artist but his music has really taken off- I look forward to more. Grab more info about Young Magic here!

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