Hooded Fang – Highway Steam

Hooded Fang are an adorable sextet from Toronto that have been a staple in the city’s indie scene since their formation in 2007. This jam is from the group’s first full length album of light, laidback pop simply titled Album, released in 2010. They are known mostly for the sweet harmonies created by tenor Daniel Lee and Lorna Wright’s sweet soprano voice. This past summer they released another album on their own penny and but this time changed their sound a bit to portray more of a 60s garage vibe. They do it well, there’s no denying that, but after a few listens of each album over the last week or so, I can’t help but gravitate towards their first album’s clear, carefree pop.

Below is an example of the reverb-filled surf rock they’ve recently come out with. Which is better? You decide. Find them on Bandcamp and myspace if you are dying for more!

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