Twin Sister – Kimmi in a Ricefield

Twin Sister In heaven

Here’s the second video from Twin Sister’s debut full length In Heaven, released yesterday by Domino Records. While they have kept with the dreamy and mysterious chillwave vibe they consistently produce, the video is undoubtedly creepier than anything I have seen from them previously. Dear lord, this is going to give me nightmares. Working again with director Dan Devine, this time the band’s drummer Bryan Ujueta took on the role as lead director to put together a visual interpretation of a a ghost story written by frontwoman Andrea Estella. As creepy as it is, I must say it is a great visual counterpart to the whimsical track. Your thoughts?

To check out more about Twin Sister, scope out their website or facebook page.

Just to save everyone from having nightmares, I thought I’d include the much more light-hearted video for “Bad Street” as well. It’s like watching a scary movie and then following it up with an episode of Friends before bed just to make the fear subside. Works like a charm.

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