Abadabad – California Birds

Abadabad California Girl

Another great new group just fell on to my radar. Ooh, guess where they live? If this is a surprise to you, you obviously still listen to the Foo Fighters and/or live under a rock. Yes, that’s right, they’re from Brooklyn.

Originally from Tennessee, this group made a very smart move and relocated to hipster-chill-band-central Brooklyn, where all the cool cats seem to be these days. They produce super smooth, hazy summer guitar jams that make you want to just sit back and imagine yourself on a glorious sunny beach. Wish I’d heard of this band months ago, in fact, as they would have made a great addition to my summer playlist. The vocals have been washed right out in reverb, a great addition to the two guitar riffs that dance through the song, giving it a great 60s summer pop vibe that is oh-so-popular at the moment.

I’m digging it.

Check out more from their Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Facebook pages. Bam.

Abadabad – California Birds

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