Supreme Cuts – Jacy

Supreme Cuts Jacy

Check out this great jam from Chicago’s Supreme Cuts, one of the many units pushing the boundaries of what we know as R&B. A few months back they released their debut 10″ EP entitled Trouble that featured 4 tracks but this one, “Jacy,” didn’t make the cut. I guess something about its infectious vocal samples and pulsing kicks wasn’t quite up the scratch, or perhaps the fact that it evolves over the course of five minutes into a very danceable headbopper. If this is a track that has been left off of the EP, just wait until you hear what actually made it on. It’s an interesting sound that it challenges my own ideas about what I personally like and don’t like… Didn’t think I’d like anything that is considered R&B and still, here we are. I am impressed.

Check out more on their soundcloud page and go here to buy the EP!

Supreme Cuts – Jacy

When asked about some of their influences, Supreme Cuts replied:

“A lot of things; Funkmaster Flex, Waka, Woodstock ’99, the thought of Philip Glass and Mannie Fresh kicking’ it, hang-gliding off a Tropical Island in your mind, the music video for Busta and Janet’s “What’s it Gonna Be”, hearing nerdy shit and being like “why”, pilz, goin’ w/ tha flow aka Taoism, rude n rowdy kids across the globe (shout out 2 Sophie King!!! braaap braap), not the movie The Beach. Also, Keith Sweat’s “In The Rain.”

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3 Responses to Supreme Cuts – Jacy

  1. silllyboy69 says:

    the EP was released 2 months ago and is available through all online outlets

  2. jenny says:

    Updated the post with correct info. Thanks for the heads up

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