Sóley – I’ll Drown

Soley We Sink

Another impressive Icelandic artist is upon us and like others before her (Björk, Múm, Sigur Rós), Sóley Stefánsdóttir’s music has a distinct air of the whimsical, the complex. Sóley, a music composition student who is part of indie-collective Seabear, has stepped away from the group to create her own medley of piano-laden songs that were released in September on her debut record We Sink. The album is equal parts sweet and dark and the haunting single “I’ll Drown” displays that perfectly: her honey-dripped vocals dance across gloomy piano arrangements while the lo-fi recording and intricate composition lend to the song’s charm as a whole. The full-length LP is a follow up to her first disc, a 6-song EP entitled Theater Island that impressed critics with its witchy acoustics and put her on the map as a solo artist. If you are into it, check out more from Sóley on her Myspace and Facebook pages. The whole album is worth a listen!

So’ley I’ll Drown

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One Response to Sóley – I’ll Drown

  1. xandimusic says:

    great, love the music from Iceland. I’ve presented Seabear and Soley too 🙂

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