Milagres – Halfway

milagres halfway glowing mouth

This Brooklyn quintet is dreamy. Yup, I said it, dreamy. What a bunch of babes. Their debut LP, Glowing Mouth, dropped a few months back and has received rave reviews, including glowing comparisons to some of my favorite Brit bands of yesteryear, like Doves and Elbow. They seem to be one of Brookyn’s only acts to bring the refreshing revival of the guitar band, as it seems everyone else is too busy fiddling with their decks and synths. The band describes themselves as “five dudes, one van, endless adventure.” They sound like my kind of guys and they’re producing tunes that I immediately connect to. Plus, Kyle Wilson’s epic falsettos are… well, delightful. This song and the whole disc bring to me an odd sense of nostalgia that I have only recently experienced with Snowmine, fellow Brooklyn based quinteters who, upon hearing for the first time, I’d felt as though I had heard before. And not in a redundant way, but in a comforting way.

The Guardian said it best: “This band’s name means ‘miracles’ in Portuguese, which is appropriate given that they sound a lot like Coldplay and yet don’t make you want to stab yourself in the ear.”

Find out more about Milagres on their website, which provides readers with a delightful look into their most recent tour. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys – they are going places!

Milagres – Halfway

Frontman Kyle Wilson says of the video: “Dimitri’s video for “Halfway” really makes the song shine. What I love the most about it is that it is hilarious, beautiful, trippy and sad, all at the same time.”

Also, here is an awesome live version of the song filmed recently for a VDub Session:

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