The Drums – Money

Here’s another track from The Drums, the Brooklyn, NY fourpiece that have, at long last, won me over. I wasn’t so sure about them at first and agreed with one young YouTuber who wrote: “I still can’t make my mind up on The Drums – I quite like the music but they seem like cunts,” which is a very valid point. However, it seems the more I listen to this 80s inspired pop act, the more I dig them.

This is the debut single from their sophomore disc Portamento, which came out this fall. It continues on the upbeat 80s vibe upon which they started although Jonathan Pierce’s vocals seem more solid in this track than those from the last album. Plus, he seems to have dropped the English accent he adopted on some tracks that drove me nuts. They are said to be amazing live and Pierce has been applauded for his “Morrissey/Ian Curtis stage presence,” an enticing statement that’ll make me run out and get my ticket in a jiffy just as soon as they make it out this way.

Check out more of their stuff on their Myspace page and their website! Hope you dig.

The Drums – Money

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