Born Gold – Decimate Everything

born-gold bodysongs

Formerly known as Gobble Gobble, this Calgary-based group just released their debut disc a few months back and it received rave reviews! It is jam-packed with the amount of fun and chaos we have come to expect from Cecil Frena and his curious crew, filled with blaring synths and slamming beats. Pitchfork described his genre as “hyper-pop,” a term that is accurate but falls somewhat short. It’s been a toughie, but I’d prefer to describe them as follows: an awe-inspiring multiple-genre-dabbling artist that uses unconventional items (such as frying pans) and unique samples to make irresistible electropop dance tunes that you cannot help but lose your mind over. Whew.

You’ll either really love it or really not love it… hope it’s the former. Check out more from Born Gold on their tumblr and Facebook pages!

Born Gold Decimate Everything

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